Refund Policy strictly follows a Refund Policy while delivering its services. In order to ensure you clearly understand the procedure or conditions of the refund, kindly read our Refund Policy carefully.
Any refund on your fees shall be governed by the Refund Policy stated below. Some tasks and Services that belong to any third parties will be governed by the Refund Policy of that particular party. would invoice its customers in advanced bout the plan the customer has subscribed to. Under this Refund Policy:


  • Refunds on cancellation / downgrades will be processed only if the customer has notified about cancellation / downgrades in advance. Any excess money after adjusting the dues and fees will be refunded to the customer.
  • No refund will be entertained if the subscription has already been started.
  • No refund will be entertained for non-usage of plan hours by customers.
  • In the case of deficiency in service, will make every effort to rectify the problem. The refund will only be entertained if the service does not resume in well-performing condition.
  • Any refunds due to error in billing shall be entertained. To prevent from fraudulent acts, refunds will only processed through the same payment process as the payment was made through.
  • reserves all the rights to change, update or modify its Refund Policy. You are suggested to timely visit this page to stay updated. To understand our work policy, visit our Terms of Use page.