Mobile Website Design Packages

Mobile optimized websites have gradually turned out to be necessity rather than a luxury. With millions of people using smart phones and tablets, it has become important for you to provide comfortable access to your websites through all these devices.

The website which is not optimized for mobile devices will still be accessible, but the problem is look and feel of the site. If the site looks bad, it will result in poor user experience and lower conversion rate. With people using mobile devices to access Internet becoming more of a trend these days, you should really start thinking about mobile website development.

Mobile Website Development Packages

There are basically two types of mobile website development that you can go for.

  • Separate mobile website: In this style, the original website remains intact and a dedicated sub domain is created for the mobile version. When you use a sub domain, visitors are redirected to the mobile version when they access the website from a mobile device. In this case, the mobile website is completely different from the original one.

  • Multiple CSS files: In this style, the website has multiple CSS files and the server pull up the specific CSS file for a desktop, smart phone, or tablet depending on what device is being used to access the website.

  • Responsive website:This style is getting quite popular. It allows a website to respond automatically according to the accessing device’s screen size and adjust the elements of the page consequently.

Our mobile website development professionals specialize in creating user-friendly mobile websites for a smarter and dynamic world. We work with complete dedication in order to address mobile specific challenges such as navigation, design, loading time and data entry to create a smooth experience for your mobile users.

Just check out our mobile website packages or call us today for more information.