Want to build a Business Brand: Why Your Logo Counts?

Want to build a Business Brand: Why Your Logo Counts?

A ‘logo’ associates a visual identity to a business or organization through the use of symbol or icon and it should not be confused with the term ‘brand’, which is the perceived corporate image of an organization or business. Logo design and branding play different roles in building the market image of a corporation, product or business.

A brand can be defined as the projected image of a specific service or product that helps it to connect to the customers. Now, these connections can be established with the help of slogan or logo design. So, the two things are connected but stand for different meanings. While branding is the process by which the company is made recognizable by more and more people; brand-value primarily refers to the valued reputation earned during this process.

Logo Design as brand building element
Logo design is a crucial component in building a brand and overall identity of a business. But a logo comprising of few fonts and colors is not sufficient; there are a lot of elements in logo designing like text, colors and graphics that integrate to make up the logo. It’s not necessary that only an ultra special logo can define a brand; instead, simple, small and unique logos better represent a business in the corporate world. Apple, Nike and Facebook are just to name a few.

Although companies selling products for kids (say games) may use animated logo on their websites.

Building a renowned brand is a complex affair and logo designing is an element that symbolizes the entire identity of a corporation. A logo should be unique and custom made to truly reflect the purpose of your business. It is recommended to hire a professional logo designer or a logo design company to design a custom logo.

Also, it has been observed that images and graphics are easier to remember and have a greater impact than taglines or slogans. Think of the Mc Donalds, one of the biggest and popular brands how many of you remember the tagline “I’m lovin’ it”. Obviously more people recall the stylish M.

Elements of logo design
Given below is a list of the logo design elements to keep in mind while creating a logo.

• Simple Design
When it comes to logo designing, simplicity is the way to go. With simple designed logos, you are able to reach your target audience in a much easier and quicker way. Simple logos convey the message better than the complex ones.

• Use of colors
Color is an important element in logo designing. Colors that are able to portray a company, appeal the target audiences and complement the message inscribed in the logo, all at the same time, should be made use of.

• Use of appropriate font
Fonts too play an important role in designing logo. The chosen fonts should showcase your company, business or brand properly, and it is recommended that you stick to at most two different fonts at a time.

• Flexible
Flexibility is an element that is usually overlooked by designers. The logo should be flexible enough to adopt slight changes while appearing in different forms of media or reproduced in different colors or even in b/w form.

• Designed for target audience
The designers are required to research a lot about the target audience so that they understand their niches and embed it in the logo design.

Final Word
Logo of a brand or business is essential for its easy identification. They represent the presence of company and suffuse a sense of trust among customers. Also, logos are easy to advertise and embed in most marketing campaigns or a new product launch.

Simple, flexible and scalable logo serves as a convenient marketing tool for all occasions. Simple manipulation and innovation can help the same logo convey different messages on different occasions.